In-clinic sessions


In-clinic sessions are best known as in-person psychotherapy, which is the oldest and most used mode of psychotherapy.

The sessions are based in the consulting room where I will provide you with a confidential and non-judgemental space for thinking about your feelings in private; allowing for reflection, change, growth and development as and when you are ready.

What happens in In-clinic sessions?

During the session, I will encourage you to talk about your experiences and use techniques such as free association, creative activities or dream analysis to identify repressed feelings or conflicts that might be affecting you now. This might feel not easy to begin with, but I am here to support you in opening up and I will guide you gently through the process. Together, we will look at the relationships you have with people in your life and with yourself. You might find yourself crying, getting upset or angry. This can feel unsettling and intense, but as a psychotherapist I am trained to help you process and cope with the emotions that may come up as part of the process.

There’s no single explanation for how psychotherapy works because each therapeutic relationship is unique and tailored to individual needs, but at the heart of life-changing and life-saving psychotherapy is a solid therapeutic relationship.
Sessions last for 50 minutes and are held on a regular basis. This is usually discussed during our initial meeting. I do not define the length of the therapy at the outset as psychotherapy is a process and its length cannot be predetermined.